Many years of field research and testing using conventional combustion methods proved to Ecoremedy® inventors that a technical advancement was needed to properly convert the most difficult, messy wastes to useable energy and marketable byproducts. Ecoremedy® is specifically designed to address the unique properties and chemical constituents of these challenging waste streams.

How Ecoremedy® Succeeds Where Others Fall Short:

High fuel tolerance outperforms the competition

Ecoremedy® gasifies fuels outside competitor’s capabilities while performing equally well on “standard” feedstock.  Unlike other thermal gasification systems, Ecoremedy® can process materials without pre-conditioning that are high in moisture (>60%), have high moisture variability, contain high ash (up to 25x wood), and have low energy value (as low as 2,700 btu/lb). The quiescent bed ensures consistent syngas production and low fly ash carryover, assuring continuous, clean and efficient energy production for a wide variety of biomass materials.

Patented air control optimizes economics

Our patented technology, combined with infinitely variable feed rates, allows Ecoremedy® to customize the amount of carbon in the recovered nutrient thus maximizing its commercial value based upon real time market conditions.   Ecoremedy® can tailor the ash quality from <2% residual carbon to >40% residual carbon and back again without retooling or stopping the system.  This enables the client operator to make operational adjustments based upon real time market conditions of electricity, fossil fuels, nutrient or Biochar values.

Cleaner emissions and lower cost

Our patented low velocity design minimizes particulate carryover assuring the complete combustion of carbon.  This means cleaner, more efficient energy production, meeting state and Federal guidelines with minimal abatement cost. For animal manures and biosolid waste, Ecoremedy® uses the constituents of the fuel to self-scrub the criteria pollutants of NOx and SOx and minimize HCl emissions.

Ease of operations

Ecoremedy® automated controls enable round-the-clock operation with minimal operator attention.

Modular and scalable

Ecoremedy® modular manufacturing reduces cost and risk while ensuring quality. Our scalable product line enables us to address the single user or larger utility-scale project.

Superior recovered nutrients

Ecoremedy® advanced gasification converts raw solids to highly marketable, concentrated fertilizer with more than 90% available nutrients - 150% better than traditional techniques.

Easy to ship nutrients

Dry, concentrated nutrients are easy to handle compared to high liquid effluent from anaerobic digestion and waste water treatment plants. Ecoremedy® conversion of waste to pure, commercial-grade nutrients enables economic transportation of nutrients away from nutrient saturated watersheds to deficit regions, displacing mined fertilizer.

High returns even without government incentives

Fuel flexibility, high energy conversion rates, high retained nutrient value, low construction complexity and low operating costs result in compelling economics while maintaining above market risk adjusted return on project capital without reliance on government or utility subsidies.