Proven, Tested, Approved.

With multiple commercial deployments and strategic relationships around the world, Ecoremedy's energy systems are endorsed by industry leaders, top agricultural universities, US EPA experts and energy industry experts.


rooster"I'm excited with the interest the market has shown in the nutrient rich ash product the system creates. In areas outside the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, these nutrients are in demand. The dry, lightweight ash is easy to ship and simple to apply... This is a viable alternative to local land application."


Dan Heller, Owner, Flintrock Farms


engineer"I provide this report confirming the commissioning of the HAEP digestate drying facility was successful... It is my opinion the commissioning which occurred from October 1st to October 4th, 2013 has proven the system operates according to the intention of the design."


Gregory P. Gladfelter, PE, Principal, Gladfelter Engineering Group


engineer"In my opinion this technology offers advantages over many other litter-to-energy technologies that I have worked with."


Dr. Mark Risse, PE, Georgia Power Professor of Water Policy, University of Georgia


emissions"I have experienced many pyrolysis processes in my 50 years of professional experience, and I believe your Ecoremedy TM Technology has the best handle on it."


Walter S. Smith, President, Water Smith & Associates, Industry Expert in Air Emissions


engineer"The system is simple to construct, integrate into existing industrial and agricultural applications and is easy to operate and maintain. They have created a system that is different and superior to the others who are trying to do the same thing... It is a proven, commercially-viable technology."


Kyle Michael, Northeast Regional Manager and Gasification Consultant, Bluewater Energy Solutions


emissions"Ecoremedy's proven performance at Tyson Foods' facility during all seasons of the year validates the technology... As an expert in biomass gasification, I am pleased to offer my endorsement of the Ecoremedy technology."


Dave Sharpe, Principal, Boiler and Steam Systems, LLC


“I applied the product to a few of my fields and was completely satisfied with the results. I noticed no negative affects to plant growth or plant yield. In fact, by my observations, the plants seemed to be more productive and healthier.

Pat Knipp, Commercial Soybean Grower in Missouri