Waste Water Biosolids to Energy and Biosoil


In the United States alone, there are more than 16,500 waste water treatment facilities processing our residential and industrial waste water into clean drinking water. The sludgy material extracted from the water during the cleaning process is referred to as Biosolids. Conventional disposal methods include land application which results in the odiferous spreading of the sludge onto our nation’s croplands often resulting in nutrient runoff to waterways which in turn results in algae blooms and fish kills. Public outcry stemming from the unintended consequences of land application has led to the expensive practice of landfilling Biosolids.


Ecoremedy® provides a comprehensive, sustainable Biosolids solution converting the waste sludge to energy, concentrated nutrients and exceptional quality (“EQ”) Biosolids, the highest quality standard achievable for Biosolid soil amendment. The wet sludge is dried using proprietary Ecoremedy® technologies to EQ Biosoil which is sold as a valuable soil amendment product. This same Biosoil is used as the exclusive fuel source to generate thermal and electrical energy to power the plant and concentrate nutrients for sale as a renewable fertilizer. The water utility dramatically reduces their operating costs associated with waste disposal while cleanly converting their waste sludge to renewable energy and saleable byproducts without the need for supplemental fuel.


• We convert a cost center into a profit center for the water utility.
• Worthless sludge is converted to valuable energy and highest quality nutrients and Biosoil.
• Negative carbon footprint for the drying facility.
• Cleaner air emissions that natural gas fueled dryers.
• Eliminate the need to landfill resulting in fewer truck traffic and extended life of landfills already nearing design life capacity.
• Affordable to ALL sizes of waste water treatment facilities.




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